The small consistent every-day decisions you take for granted is costing you millions

Most people think those who are highly successful, highly efficient and high achievers got there because of either sheer talent or hard work; this couldn’t be farther from the truth and let me explain.

Most people who have reached the pinnacle of a particular skill, talent or subject are there because of the inconceivably small decisions they took every single day that built in momentum over time.

The Logic

If I offer you $1 Million right now or $0.01 that doubles every day for 30 days, your penny would be worth over $3 Million at the end of that period.

The reason is that momentum increases as time goes on, proving highly valuable in the long run.

The Psychology

Regarding productivity, there is also the psychological factor to take into account. If you practice one small activity with intent focus every day, you will be encouraged by the progress you see, this will fuel your motivation, and you will see more growth which begins the cycle again. Do you see how that works?

What this means is instead of trying to turn everything in your life upside down radically, break it down into the smallest most bite size pieces you can and implement them every day. Just like a ship takes a little time to turn, it will be the same for you but if you keep your eyes fixed on the long term and forget about the latest this and that, your chances of producing phenomenal results significantly increase.