The richest man in the world | Jeff Bezos

Jeff began his early working career at a start-up company Fitel, turning down positions at Intel and bell. Quickly rising through the ranks, he eventually landed a role as head of development and director of customer service however the start-up struggled to get off the ground.

After spending a few years job hopping, he discovered through research; the internet could provide and set about picking out which kind of products he could sell online. Deciding on books because of their universal demand he set up Amazon with money raised from his parents’ life-savings, The investment proved a massive success as Amazon grew at a tremendous rate eventually going public in 1997.

Despite sitting a minimum of $20k every week, Jeff reinvested almost everything back into the business leaving it for some time at a profit of nearly zero. But year on year revenues grew as he expanded into other verticals and niches before building the juggernaut e-commerce that now sits at over $600bn to date.