The Man with no Arms & no legs ​overcame an irrational fear to become a symbol of hope | Nick Vujicic

Despite Nick Vujicic, the smiling man with no arms & no legs, having an upbringing filled with love, he also struggled with the ‘Irrational Fear’ that he would never get a job, get a wife and live the seemingly beautiful life people around him did.

He suffered from the same thing we all do, fear that we are missing out, so at age 8 he contemplated how to leave this world and age 10 tried to drown himself.


The only thing that stopped him from following through with his attempt was the even more significant fear that his family would suffer so much over his loss, far more than he could be a burden to them. Strangely, it was there love that gave him hope, which allowed him to go on and set up his foundation at age 17, that enabled him to begin a glittering speaking career inspiring people all around the world. In fact, Nick is said to have spoken to over 1 billion people which are 1/7th of the world’s population which for a Man with no arms and no legs…. That’s not bad.