The hallmark of a great company | Honest Tea

Most entrepreneurs would succumb to the pressure Goldman and his team have faced in setting up a fair trade beverage company that’s profitable. Tales of car wrecks, stolen money, and an employee heart attack litter the 15-year journey.

When starting out Seth Goldman was looking for something to drink with less than 12 spoonful’s of sugar but just couldn’t find anything. Merely trying to solve his pain, he co-founded Honest Tea.


At the time, launching a product with 70% fewer calories and real tea leaves significantly set them apart from everyone else on the market…. Plus it was healthy.

But this is where Honest Tea come into their own:

“Great brands have to stand for something. What we sell is about authentic, organic, healthy products and lifestyle. We wanted to make sure from the start that every time we sold a product — whether we were profitable or not — we were having an impact. As it turns out, the most important word in our name is not ‘Tea’; it’s ‘Honest’.” Seth Goldman

For them, it is not about merely making profits but also their commitment to making the world a better place and remaining true to the values they have set for themselves. This is the hallmark of a great company, and if you ask their raving fans alone, you’d realise that the tea is pretty damn good.