The Carpenter who sparked the industrial revolution in Japan is also the forefather of Toyota | Sakichi Toyoda

Sakichi Toyoda, who started his career as a farmer & carpenter grew obsessed from an early age with providing something useful for society.

Throughout his 20s a fascination with new technology drove to him to embark on a lifelong journey that resulted in the invention and production of the world’s first automatic loom.

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His innovation significantly improved the efficiency of spinning and weaving, while reducing defects by stopping production if there was a problem instead of continuing to use up the good thread and produce imperfect fabric.

In 1929 the British company, Platt Brothers, bought the production and sales rights for £100,000 which Sakichi gave to his sons to continue developing the automotive technology.  In 1936 they launched the first Toyoda passenger car, The Model AA, which eventually lead to the birth of Toyota Motors.

Sakichi’s Great Grandson is the President of Toyota today.

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Top Sakichi Toyoda Quotes – Father of the Founder of Toyota

  1. “Workers are the treasure of the factory. They are important to me.”
  2. “The more people use my inventions, the better the country will be.”
  3. “I’m not talented more than anybody else. I just put lots of efforts and researchers.”
  4. “There is nothing that can’t be done. If you can’t make something, it’s because you haven’t tried hard enough.”