One of the First American Female Self-Made Millionaire | Madame C.J Walker

Madame CJ Walker was a huge pioneer and represented the true spirit of an entrepreneur in the late 1800s. In 1890 discovering her hair was falling out, she experimented with homemade remedies that she believed and hoped would restore her locks In the middle of the night, she described having a vivid dream through which a formula came to her that would change her life forever. Using this formula, she developed own hair-conditioning cream made from natural ingredients and called it Madame Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower.


Travelling throughout the country giving lectures, demonstrations and training to women in how to sustain themselves by making her products for themselves she built up a network of over 3000 agents selling her products. In 1908 she was able to open her own factory and a beauty school, becoming not only wildly successful but also allowing fellow her fellow African-Americans at the time to expect more of themselves and reach for new heights. Walker credits tenacity, perseverance, faith in herself, in God, quality products and “honest business dealings” as the ingredients of success. There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. And if there is, I have not found it, for whatever success I have attained has been the result of much hard work and many sleepless nights.