Meet the Founder


At Success Events, we are driven by the belief that everyone can have a fulfilling and abundant lifestyle.  We are committed to helping people reach their full potential through life-changing events, one-to-one coaching, and online courses founded by Andres Pira. Success Events is transforming the lives of people with diverse backgrounds, from every walk of life all across the globe. By bringing together some of the most significant influencers in the world, we are able to offer people the most beautiful gift in life – a belief and investment in themselves.

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Andres Pira

Award Winning Real Estate Developer & Success Coach

Arriving in Thailand with only $100  to his name and being forced to live on the streets, Andres Pira discovered a powerful book called “The Secret” which not only transformed his own life but also the lives of those he is able to inspire today.

After setting up his own real estate business he became a self-made millionaire in just 2 years and is now establishing himself as the leading real estate developer in Phuket. Today, Andres is exploring a new passion in his life…. the desire to give back.

With the creation of Success Events, he now attracts some of the most in demand and renowned speakers in the world while giving those who find themselves in difficult situations, the chance to change their lives forever.