Captivating people’s attention with Charisma Part 2 | Bruce Lee

1) Passionate

The passion of Bruce Lee for his love was what captivated us so much, the enthusiasm with which he speaks, his body language and his immersion in his art moved us also to be enthusiastic. On top of that, he had an ability to connect what he loves to relate to the things we can connect with, creating commonality between our two worlds.

2) Knowledgeable

It’s one thing to be enthusiastic, but Bruce was incredibly knowledgeable of his craft meaning every word he said not only carried enthusiasm but also credibility in our eyes. He could say almost anything about martial arts, and many would be inclined to believe it because of the authority and knowledge he carried.

3) Open

Finally, there was a level of trust that we could establish with him, his honesty and openness about the culture of Kungfu, about his beliefs and convictions allowed us also to be open to him.