Captivating people’s attention with Charisma Part 1 | Bruce Lee

1) Pacing of Speech

When you listen to Bruce speak it is almost like a foxtrot where there will be moments where he speech slows down, and he creates intrigue around the topic of the conversation, then suddenly he will speed up, and the intensity of the room suddenly lifts. The toing and froing keeps us on edge wondering what he will say next or how he will respond.

2) A wide range of gestures that punctuate his speech.

Just like with his speech, his body also matches the same frequency and intensity, just like a story which unfolds with moments of climax and moments of reflection his body language and gestures will recreate that feeling of going somewhere or saying something with purpose.

3) Use of pauses in his speech.

Bruce likes to use well-timed pauses in his speech to…add emphasis and…build anticipation. Great technique.

4) A variety of changing facial expressions.

If you watch some of his best interviews, he was thoroughly engaged and emerged in whatever it was he was doing at that particular time. His facial expressions were an extension of his engagement in that activity, so even when he is not speaking, you still have this impression that he is entirely focused and sold out without a moment of distraction