Bankrupt to Billions | MARVEL

After the comic book bubble burst, marvel fell heavily into debt, after a few years of firefighting, and huge disagreements within the board and shareholders, Avi Arad sensed a new opportunity to take Marvel to the big screen.

Against the wishes and consent of the shareholders, they eventually set up Marvel Studios sending them into bankruptcy, this, however, was the turn of a new era.

Initially, they struggled to convince Hollywood of the cinematic value of the comic book characters but the first big hit came in the form of Blade, followed by X-Men being moved to fox and soon after Spiderman. Despite the roaring success, and box office hits, the takings for Marvel were slim.

David Maisel proposed to another idea to Marvel that could put them in the driving seat and increase profits. The option to produce the films under their own banner and reap more benefits for themselves, meaning even stories and characters to cross-over and collide.

With this in mind and a few more years trying to push this through, Marvel struck gold with their first independent production of Iron Man netting them over $500m.

Disney, noticing the power shift, came in with a dizzying offer of $4.4bn which Avi Arad described as a cheap and since they have continued to grow at an astonishing rate with no signs of slowing down.