5 Habits To Transform Your Life

Be Proactive

Reactive people always focused on everything that happens around them, complaining about the weather, the government, their boss etc. Entirely focused on matters they cannot control, like the behaviour or opinion of another person for example.

Proactive people focus on the things they have control over, or how they can influence their environment. The reason this is so powerful is that it trains the mind to continually look for solutions to problems, not problems in solutions.

Begin with the end in mind

Begin the day, with an idea of what a successful end will look like. If you have no idea or direction, then you are lost throughout the day, finding yourself tossed between menial activities and other peoples responsibilities. But if you begin with the end in mind, it gives your day purpose allowing you to set out to get the destination you intended. Ask yourself, what are the 3 main activities I need to complete today which falls in line with my principles and goals.

Put First Things First

Rather than spending your time on menial tasks, the first thing you ought to be doing every single day are the activities that take you towards the goals you have and the principles you’ve established.

Ask yourself this question, is what I’m doing helping me fulfil what I want to do with my life? If it isn’t and you are prioritising that over something that will, then you need to put first things first.


Think Win-Win

Someone who can think of how to create a winning situation for everyone is going to be highly efficient. Reason being, if they can see from the perspective of other people’s wants and needs, while also creating a situation where their own requirements are fulfilled, then they are continually providing solutions in every environment.

If I meet a person like this, I can be rest assured that he will be looking for a solution that not only suits himself but me also, this allows me to trust him more as he is thinking with others in mind.

Sharpen the Saw

Imagine someone cutting a tree with a blunt saw, then a friend comes over and suggests they sharpen the sword first, then cut the tree. In most of life’s situations, we say I want to finish cutting the tree. First, we put off the very task that is going to make our day easier.

Figure out what tools or which people will be able to help you complete whatever it is you are doing, more efficiently and effectively, then prioritise that, if it makes it easier, then it means less stress!